One controller - Many possibilities

Modeling and graphics 3D

Pointer3D let us:
  • draw, move, rotate 2D and 3D objects;
  • draw in real space, and these object is immediately maps into digital space; 
  • precise reproduction of pen movements;
  • create 3D graphics, films, games;
  • create models for 3d printer.

Game and VR controller

Thanks to Pointer3D we can:
  • immerse into digital and virtual 3D worlds;
  • move in these worlds, explore space and manipulate objects;
  • perform dynamic reactions in games, without lags;
  • make precise moves in games or other VR applications;
  • connect controller with any other device;
  • use it wire or wireless. 


Pointer3D can be used as:
  • diagnostic tool for early Parkinson’s stages (thanks to high precision it detects resting tremors);
  • communication method for people with limited mobility (thanks to high precision it detects even the smallest movements of a person); 
  • a tool for learning surgical art in virtual reality (thanks to the similar shape of surgical tools, doctors can train their muscles in a safe environment).


Pointer3D help us: 
  • develop new skills, for example: spatial thinking, spatial orientation;
  • during studying, as a controller, it can be used with other educational programs, for example related to biology, astronomy, geography or geometry;
  • as a device for learning computer graphics or 3D modeling.

New 3D computer Mouse

Pointer3D is an innovative approach to a computer controller that makes us able:
  • move in real and digital 2D and 3D space;
  • use it instead of a standard computer mouse;
  • improve your operations thanks to high precision and low response time.

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