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Unique Technology


Pointer3D is a small device that allows you to navigate in 3D digital space. It accurately and quickly reproduces every movement when you draw with the pen in the real space. This device belongs to immersive technology (AR/VR). Pointer3D is based on the innovative technology of Doppler ultrasound shifts. It has applications for example as VR or game controller, modeling and graphics 3D, medicine or education (more information).

Meet creators of Pointer3D

Krzysztof Krzywdziński


Natan Stec


  • +48 691 343 296
  • pointer3d@knoocker.com

The brand is owned by Knoocker sp. z o.o. 

The project “Foreign expansion of Knoocker and its product – Pointer3D” is financed from funds under sub-measure 3.3.3. Support for SMEs in promoting product brands – Go To Brand under the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020.

The overall goal of the project is to increase the possibilities for Knoocker export activities, as well as to promote the Polish IT industry. Implementation of this will be possible only through direct contact of our representatives with those interested and establishing cooperation, leading to building lasting relationships with both individual clients and enterprises.

By promoting our tool, we plan to make potential 3D Pointer users aware of the quality of services provided by him, as well as price competitiveness in relation to other similar creations.

Total grant: PLN 378,600.


Project Goal: Development and implementation innovative on a global scale Pointer3D.

Beneficiary: Knoocker sp. z o.o.

Project value: 1 483 560.00 PLN

Project co-financing from the EU: 1 107 206.10 PLN

The project is co-financed / financed by the National Center for Research and Development in Poland funder the Intelligent Development Operational Program.


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